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After the immense feedback and rapid popularity of’s blogs, we have decided to give the page a little facelift. The content will now appear according to its category and the archives will be accessible for each section. What do you think? Apart from satire, sport and food, we are now going to be including content on environment and culture as well. Are there any other categories you’d like to see on these pages?

What would you like us to cover more on – breaking news, features and analyses? Which formats of content do you want us to increase: video reports, audio slide shows, interactive graphics or any other?

Write to us and tell us how we can make better suited to your interests. Are there any other people or issues you would like to read more about? If so, let us know so we can do more to enhance the page and its contents. Your comments and suggestions will go a long way in helping us develop and expand our content and creativity.


Comments Guide: encourages its readers to share their views on our blogs. We try to accommodate all users' comments but this is not always possible due to space and other constraints. Please our read our comments guidelines below for more information:

1. Please be aware that the views of our bloggers and commenters do not necessarily reflect's policies.

2. Though comments appear to have been published immediately after posting, they are actually forwarded to a moderation queue before publication.

3. Dawn reserves the right to remove or edit comments that are posted on this blog.

4. Language that is offensive to any race, religion, ethnicity, gender or nationality is not permitted.

5. Avoid posting comments in ALL CAPS. Commenters are also encouraged to avoid text contractions like 'u r.'

6. Do not cross-post comments across multiple blog entries.

7. Any comments posted to a blog entry should be relevant to the topic or discussion.

8. Do not spam the comment section.

89 Responses to “ – What do you think?”

  1. foggy says:

    I would like to see under each category, or a new created category; a blog page. Any blog viewer may be allowed easy access to daily dawn’ s archives. from here he can select any story, item, article, column, report, cartoon, photos and so on. Put the select under relevant category on the blog page. Just like wikipedia bloggers may be allowed to edit page. add to content or create something new in related information.

  2. foggy says:

    Some topics are too extensive themselves. I suggest that after the title easy access to pertaining headings would be listed. For instance under culture could be placed all blogs pertaining to Pakistani movie stars who are no more. Also under sports you could have blogs about individual sports folk.

  3. ottappally says:

    Thank you dawn great coverage

  4. Fátimah Isabelh says:

    I live brazil and read everyday. I think information and knowledge occupy no space in mind and I would like you add more in cultures section. I would also like to see more pictures illustrating news. God bless you.

  5. Goga Nalaik says:


    This blog rubric is good but its utility is not as good as it should be…

    I have a problem with its ‘moderator’ who often censors my texts. This is something I don’t appreciate at all. The principal of a blog is to let people express themselves. Some do it with nice sweet words and some others may seem harsh, but objective is the same!
    If someone takes time to read this blog and wants to react on certain issues such as national security, social problems, taliban or whatever, he should be given this opportunity. As long as abusive language is not used, there should be no censor on bloggers.


  6. Ali says:

    The Dawn Blog is needed an extraordinary effort by the dawn news management. It is advised to add a section of “Technological Blogs” or ‘Tech Blogs’ to promote the advancements about internet technology trends and its affects on Pakistani’s, that how this technology has affected the masses in the time of global recession.

  7. R S JOHAR says:

    I feel that it’s an excellent platform from across the border to present our point of view. However I feel sad when some of my blogs which were not offensive in nature but conveying message from other religion and some light comments about Pakistani govt policies were deleted at your end. My request is to review your policy regarding the same and continue your good work.

  8. Raza Sadaq says:

    I agree with “whatif”.

  9. zaryal says:

    Dynamic to set a new pace. I am sure if this page continues to work then in the near future you will see a bunch of street analysts hailing from proud Pakistani nation. Inshallah!

  10. Aftab Malik says:

    Maybe you could clarify what it takes for someone to submit an article for consideration as a blog “entry.”

  11. Mumtaz Khan says:

    It’s a very appropriate and useful platform for readers to jot their views and reviews. I think the topics pertaining to overseas Pakistanis and their views about internal matters of Pakistan should also get some space. In this way, you will have more elaborated view from different angles about common matters which are being plagued for our beloved country.
    Good work, DAWN keep it up.

  12. JULIAN says:

    Man oh man – you really opened up my eyes! The Internet has so much information, I get so caught up in so many different directions, it so hard to figure it all out. Thanks again for the post!

  13. S. A. M. says:

    I like the changes. I would suggest the following:

    1) There should be a section where a certain social or psychological problem is taken as a topic and the readers can suggest solutions to it.

  14. Abbas says:

    Something is happening in Pakistan and I am happy to see. Good work Dawn. I am always big fan of yours not because I read and watch your website, because you people are always neutral, you make sure that news is news and not sensational film/drama, and Dawn brand is well known all across Pakistan for it’s quality of news, reports etc.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. Keep up the great work.

  16. Your newspaper is becoming more anti Islam. You continue to give space,
    to articles by individuals like Nadeem Paracha, and Hoodbhoy, who themselves
    are struggling to come to terms with the reality of Islam, as the only solution, to
    our problems.

    I think Mr Paracha, and Mr Hoodbhoy, are tarnishing the reputation of “Dawn” newspaper, which used to be my favorite, until it started supporting their bigoted agenda.

    I would like to see articles from eminent scholars to help overcome the confusion being spread to the Muslim youth, by these secular fascists, like Paracha, and Hoodbhoy.

    May Allah Subhana Wa Tala, guide us on sirat e mustaqeem.

  17. Irfan says:

    I personally like the old fashion of the Dawn Blog section. It gives an easy access to all sort of topics at the same time, instead of asking one to choose the field first before going into the details of topics.
    Please go back to the originals

  18. jk says:

    I think more of a patriotic message should be conveyed.

  19. Anas says:

    Love the new look and the categories. Dawn should also allow other bloggers / writers to submit guest contributions to dawn blog, which can be posted after reviewing. Dawn could also let the bloggers sign up as regular contributors and make regular entries on dawn blog. This would help increase the quality, quantity, and variety of posts.

    That’s all I would like to recommend,


  20. Colin says:

    In general, it would be greatly appreciated if in its reporting Dawn could provide greater context to news events, particularly in provincial and national-level politics; for readers like myself who are still learning about Pakistan, a few more lines telling us who these leaders and news makers are, what their affiliations may be, etc, and what in their recent histories has led to a particular event or statement, would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Syed Manzer says:

    It appears that most of Dawn’s columnists have internalized anti Muslim propaganda of the Western press. They freely use the term Islamist (or even worse Islamist terrorism), Jihadi or Jihadists, Islamism etc. These are undefined terms. For example, Islamist is a term derived from Islam with suffix ‘ist’ added to it. If you look at the normal usage of ‘ist’ this term can either mean a Muslim or one who studies Islam. Similarly, Jihadist is derived from Jihad but the term Jihad has a very broad meaning in Islamic texts. Using the term Jihadist to describe terrorists makes no sense, why should a Muslim use this term? It is sad to see that instead of countering western propaganda our own columnists and journalists are adding to it.

  22. Basharat Ali says:

    Thanks for asking for feedback from readers.
    Can you please include feedback option at the end of every article and news.
    Can you please different opinion polls. And please keep on changing them regularly. I have seen president Zardari poll on your website for last 3 months. Please change it now. Please enable one user to only vote once option.

    Please try to change your headlines several times in a day (if there are more than one news available)

    Please continue asking feedback from readers.
    London. UK

  23. Tahir says:

    Dawn should take following steps, in order to keep popularity and” the top News paper” in the industry:

    1. Stop promoting Indian Zionist ideology.
    2. Stop promoting Indian interest.
    3. Stop publishing articles, which promotes divide in the community.
    4. Stop publishing articles, which are against our national and national security interest.
    5. Stop promoting our uneducated political leaders who have no clue how to protect national interests of Pakistan.
    6. Stop criticizing Pakistan Military unnecessarily.
    7. Publish true picture of the Government.
    8. Start promoting Ideology of Pakistan
    9. Start promoting our Quaid’s M. A Jinnah’s Ideology about Pakistan.
    10. Start promoting Allama Iqbal’s Ideology about Islam and Pakistan.

    Thank you very much

  24. AKBAR G. HIRANI says:

    You need to revamp the Dawn upside down and inside out. Every time I open the Dawn what do I get? All the depressing negative news, news that increases your blood pressure from page 1 to the last. Nothing to cheer you up. Looks like Dawn thinks there is nothing good, cheerful, encouraging happenings in Pakistan and in the World to report upon than all the gloom and doom.

    Keep all the good news, happy, encouraging news of Pakistan and the World on first 3 pages and the last 3 pages. Print all the gloom and doom in the inside pages in between. And also please when you give headlines, please make them soft and mellow.
    That will make me enjoy my first cup of coffee with Dawn in my hand.

    But then if your newspaper is thriving on such headlines and depressing news then mine is a lonely voice in the wilderness.

  25. Rauf says:

    Please get ride of these googles advertisements. These make the face of portal look ugly.

  26. sohail says:

    A few changes – please add an India section – just to educate Pakistanis as to what the Indian press is printing. An online moderated comment section for the readers. This would be for those who would want to respond to columnists – much like the NY Times or the Wash. Post. Also, if you could expand your week in pictures.

    I read both Indian and Pakistani online papers and I can safely say that DAWN stands out as more balanced and objective.

  27. Babar says:

    Simply more of Nadeem F. Paracha. Period.

  28. M. Asghar says:

    This blog should underline and bring out the scientific and technological developments in different fields in the country. This activity is the basic need for an enlightened and dynamic society.

  29. GP65 says:

    The Dawn blogs always pick up very topical subjects and you have some very good writers on your panel. I would like to suggest that you review your censorship policy. Language that has hatred or obscenity surely should be censored. However, I have noticed that even if one uses the name of a person (who has actually been talked about in the blog), that gets edited.

    Secondly the new format in display of comments where you have to press (Newer comments, Older Comments, does not add value compared to the older format where you could scroll down and see all the comments.

    Still these are minor suggestions. Overall, Dawn blogs have been a wonderful forum for exchange of different viewpoints.

  30. Suv says:

    You are doing a good job. Have some more posts on economic issue as well

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