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Facing horror

Facing horror














I shot this image while covering the Balochistan earthquake in November 2008. The old man is telling the tale of how it all started, and what it felt like to experience a natural disaster of such great magnitude. As he speaks, he looks towards the heavens, his eyes brimming with the horror.

For me, the image has deep symbolism, as it can substitute for any horror-striken face confronting a natural disaster, for example, the recent Haitian earthquake. We are all helpless during such events as they test our instincts for survival. – Arif Mahmood/ White Star
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6 Responses to “Facing horror”

  1. Imran says:

    We are helpless to death so why bother speaking about natural disasters. You should first question why does God take our lives and hence arises the question the purpose of man on earth. Fulfill the purpose of why Allah created us and worry less about death, it is the life after death that should be of greater concern

  2. Saad Usmani says:

    Mr. Adeel our media is covering Haiti earthquake, ARY is also doing fund raising compaing for Haiti, please correct, first investigate & then post any comments against media

  3. Rich06 says:

    I feel that Natural disasters although very sad , are just natures way of showing how fickle our lives are. Each moment is precious and important. It also shows how no matter how hard man tries and invents and studies things , they still cant change the will of God and the balance of Nature. We should cherish our lives , be good people , help others and above all help mother nature , as Global warming and all its follies are our fault.

  4. S. A. M. says:

    No matter how developed we get we are truly and completely helpless in front of the natural catastrophes like earthquake, floods etc. When we see such calamities we realize how feeble mankind is how helpless. In fact we do not have to wait for an earthquake to shake us we get the same feelings of helplessness when there is a funeral. So that’s all what human is all about.

  5. Abdullah Hussain says:

    There is nothing much to comment about it. Natural disasters are a way to remind and reprimand peoples of their follies. Once the humans starts to think and act like humans a noticeable reduction of such disasters shall be witnessed. May God guide us to the straight path.


  6. Our media should have covered the Haiti earthquake. I am quite disappointed to see that not one Pakistani channel has gone there to cover the disaster that the people of Haiti have and are going through. Those people need our support.

    I hope that our media will focus on others issues as well besides the Government bashing we see each day on the TV.

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