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Frayed ends of sanity

Frayed ends of sanity

Over and over again I have been using Dawn and to hit home the point about the vicious, soul destroying mindset the bulk of Pakistan’s urban middle-classes (especially in the Punjab) have fallen in to.

I have tried to give numerous examples to highlight this devastating observation and here again is another one: On May 28 when terrorists associated with what is called the ‘Punjabi Taliban’ attacked various places of worship of the Ahmadiyya community in Lahore, the TV channels were out in force covering the gruesome event. However, that did not stop them from running happy-go-lucky commercials of their corporate sponsors during breaks, giving the whole event a rather surreal feel.

But this can be expected from this unfortunate republic’s many TV channels. There is now not an iota of doubt left about the level of sheer cynicism, sensationalism and demagoguery that they operate on. Most of them have become a reckless reflection of some of the most obnoxious, conspiratorial and chauvinistic sections found within the country’s convulsing middle-classes.

That said, one however does expect some semblance of decency and reason in the polished corridors of the companies that advertise their brands on these channels. Couldn’t any of these companies that always claim to be ‘good social citizens’ have the presence of mind and heart to ask TV channels to stop running their ads during the coverage of blood-splattered events?

Can’t they see how strange their ads look and sound when squeezed between images of blood, gore and tragedy? Don’t these ads with an unending series of plastic smiles and jingly material-worshipping actually end up mocking the tragedy that is unfolding live on the TV screens?

I don’t think such a thought even crosses their minds. And how can it when a number of the same companies so nonchalantly end up sponsoring TV shows run by utter hate-mongers. It’s quite a sight, really, watching macho, loud demagogues and so-called TV anchors spiting venom against the West and then asking for a break that are riddled with commercials of Western multinationals.

A religious TV show on a popular TV channel that in 2009 instigated violence against the Ahmadiyyas continues to be sponsored by various colas, facial creams, telecom brands and shampoos, and so is the show whose host is under scrutiny for allegedly having sympathies and links with terrorist organisations.

In my eyes the companies who claim to represent the decent, ‘family-oriented’ and peaceful ‘modern’ sections of the educated urbanites carry an equal amount of blame as do the channels that let hate-mongers run amok in the studios just to jack up their ratings.

It’s like shouting populist slogans mingled with idiotic juice, milk and telecom jingles over the dead bodies of all those unfortunate souls that these very channels so enthusiastically report and show.

Is there no one among us so-called educated urban classes with the sight, mind and conscience to at least question the kind of convoluted and surreal corporate-jihadi anarchy so clearly visible on TV channels?

Can’t we see that much of what is being preached and ‘debated’ on our channels in the name of religion, justice, reform and politics (and cynically being sponsored by multinationals), is one of the major reasons behind the confused and ravaged state our middle-classes (especially its youth) have come to suffer?

This is not an overstatement. Certain TV anchors and their shows have proven to have enough power to actually instigate violence. Examples are in abundance of idiots listening to idiots on TV, gathering hateful ideas about certain Muslim sects, ‘minorities,’ and personalities, with some actually going to the extent of committing murder in the name of religion.

And yet we can still see such TV anchors and their favourite side-kicks holding fort on prime-time television, and multinationals willingly sponsoring all the hatred and venom that is spewed on these shows.

So what is that narrative upon which a bulk of Pakistan’s ‘political’ and ‘religious’ TV programming is based on?

For years this narrative has gleefully been disseminated by the state, the clergy, schools and now the electronic media.  It’s quite simple: Pakistan was made in the name of Islam (read, a theocratic state). Thus, only Muslims (mainly orthodox Sunnis) have the right to rule, run and benefit from this country. ‘Minority’ religions and ‘heretical Islamic sects’ living as Pakistani citizens are not to be trusted. They need to be constitutionally, socially and culturally isolated. Parliamentary democracy too can’t be trusted. It unleashes ethnic forces, ‘corruption’ and undermines the role of the military and that of Islam in the state’s make-up. It threatens the ‘unity’ of the country; a unity based on a homogeneous understanding of Islam (mainly concocted by the state and its right-wing allies). Most of our political, economic and social ills are due to the diabolical conspiracies hatched by our many enemies (especially India, Israel and the West in general). They want to break up Pakistan because Pakistan is the ‘bastion of Islam’ in a volatile region dominated by Indian, American and Shia Iranian hegemony. The many terrorist organisations operating in Pakistan are foreign funded …

This narrative can go on in its bizarre depiction of what we as a country are or should become. Not for a moment are we ready to stand back a bit and look at what we have made of ourselves and of what we call our home. We call ourselves ‘moderate Muslims,’ and yet applaud or quietly tolerate the hate-spewing claptrap that pours out from our mosques and TV screens. We cheer about the fact that Pakistan is one of the very few democratic Muslim countries with a constitution, and yet we will not speak a word about those clauses and sections in the same constitution that have triggered violence and repression against women and have sanctioned a religiously apartheid state that only allows the orthodox Muslim majority democratic rights to rule the country, or run in an election.

Isn’t it obvious that not only do these sections in the much celebrated constitution go against the modern-Muslim vision of men like Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Iqbal and Syed Ahmed Khan, but are also against the basic spirit of tolerance, mercy and justice so vividly present in the Quran?

We have clearly lost sight of what Pakistan was supposed to be: A democratic, modern Muslim country where religion had nothing to do with the matters of the state and where the so-called ‘minorities’ were free to practice their respective faiths.

These are not my words. And neither are they the words that Pakistani children are taught at school, in spite of the fact that these words and thoughts were spoken by the founder of the country, Jinnah, when he succeeded in carving out a country for the Muslims of the subcontinent, thinking that they would struggle under what he believed would become a ‘Hindu theocracy.’

So what happened to that Pakistan? The obvious culprits in this regard are the many years of repressive military regimes and their growing nexus with obscurantist forces that we have had to burden and face. But were the democrats any better?

The 1973 constitution that legitimised religious apartheid was inaugurated under a brilliant and popularly elected Prime Minister and approved by equally elected members of the parliament. And even though the same constitution was further riddled with myopic laws against religious minorities and women by a fanatical and hypocritical ‘Islamic’ dictatorship, how many democrats that came after the demise of this dictatorship ever bothered to at least debate or review these laws?

So much has become taboo in this country — so much so that the question now arises, can we ever become a truly free, enlightened and intellectually robust nation? Or will we keep hiding behind our fragile masks of religiosity and ‘patriotism,’ a mask that goes up in front of our faces every time we are confronted by a situation in which our views and actions (especially in the name of faith) are questioned.

We do not debate. We react and then huddle up behind our flimsy and lopsided historical and national narratives for reassurance, cursing the world for our ills, looking out for ‘infidels’ and ‘heretics’ among us, or for scapegoats in the shape of media-constructed punching bags.

The nightmare we are living today has a lot to do with all this. We remain in a slumber, carving out an isolated ideological comfort zone for ourselves, while obnoxious, sectarian and so-called puritanical keepers of the faith attack and kill in the name of God whenever and however they please. We claim to be treading a middle-path between liberalism and fanaticism, when the truth is, it is exactly the middle-path that has gone entirely missing in how we think, behave, act and react.

NFP80 Nadeem F. Paracha is a cultural critic and senior columnist for Dawn Newspaper and

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.


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380 Responses to “Frayed ends of sanity”

  1. Kabeer says:

    There must be a thorough study in this menace of terrorism a real intellectual investigation without any biases so that the persons behind this barbarism should be exposed once and for all and this study must include all historical facts from Islamic history so that we can understand how such brutality grew roots in Islam because all the terrorists and their supporters / apologists give justification for their henious acts from Islam and sharia

  2. MAK says:

    We have commercialized all the things even the news and all that serious stuff is also dependent upon the commercials. As a result, most of the channels go a little away from the truth due to their sponsors. I think our media must draw a line between news and entertainment programs and the news and such sensitive issues must be discussed without any alignments. However, if somebody is aligned to some view point, he/she should pronounce his/her affiliation instead of passing imposing verdicts.

    Anyhow, I think Dawn Group has once again stood tall in this episode as it has always been neutral ever since it was founded by Quaid – e – Azam (RA), who himself was truly a great leader.

    The only way left for our country to hit back and get out of this deep hole of crisis is to revert back to the ideas and strategies of Quaid – e – Azam (RA). May Allah guide our leaders to take some pages out of Quaid’s Wisdom and start implementing the same. Because sooner we are going to act according to the sayings of the great Quaid – e – Azam (RA), the sooner we are going to emerge victorious.

  3. atul says:

    Change in society will only come through education, you will have to teach students from std 1 about greatness of Islam and also tolerance for non Muslims side by side in every std in school
    Before granting admission in school, a written pledge of not hating non Muslims as a symbol of the greatness of Islam , to be signed by every student of every class.
    This hopefully will start bringing a change say 30 to 40 years from now, not immediately.

  4. shajarahmad says:

    I appreciate your effort and people like you are defenitely a ray of hope in the dark atmosphere of our beloved country. I hope you will continue your effort to unveil the bitter realities of our society.

  5. Hassan Farooqi says:

    … and just where were you when these guys were slaughtering Shias and Sunnies? Where were you when Quran-reciting people were blown in Bari Imam Shrine? Where were you when the Nishter Park Eid Milad congregation blew? Were they not the same guys who murdered Ahmedies? Why were you silent then you hypocrite?

    • Mobeen says:

      Shias, Sunnis, Hindus, Ahmadis are all humans. There are elements in this country who try to find excuses for such extremists who have been killing innocent people. Sometimes they call it a reaction of drone attack and at other times muslim sentiments against the abduction of dr. Aafia. Unfortunately, we lack people who have the courage to ask them why they are supporting those killers. Yes, you are right. Why to condemn the killing of those who have been declared minority whereas we do not even have the courage to raise our voice against those extremists who have been killing those which are Muslims as per law of Pakistan.

    • arsalan naqvi says:

      what is your agenda? who slaughtered the ahmedis? who slaughtered the sunnos and the shias? weak people with weak mind and with weak agendas. all incidents were are horrific as each other. no more and no less.

      There is no hypocrisy. I am however surprised at your categorizations. Categorizing human beings into religions, sects, ethnicity, cast, creed or color is the consequence of possessing a weak mind.

  6. Dhruv says:

    Hi NFP,

    Brilliant piece of writing. Could sense your anger and helplesness in the article.. Hope your countrymen get the message in its true form and spirit… God Bless !

  7. shame ful pakistani says:

    Hats of to you and Sana for writting such articles

  8. Not needed says:

    I have written this 2 days but the comment is still under here I will try again..

    My condolences to the families who lost their loved one and to all Pakistanis who have to go through a horror again.
    I will come to the point and ask – protest for face book & some ridiculous 5 min serial or a cartoon by Pakistanis, protest for Muslims suffering in far off countries, but no protests for own country men? The world is seeing this and thinking heck why should I help such people and why worry when terrorist strike! If you wont care nobody will care! Why has govt not banned the hate speech by mullah but was quick to ban face book in 2 days. Majority of the comments says thats what preached by mullahs..why are they not in jail..leave alone govt..why not common Pakistani is standing up against them. Believing and following Islam is very different than believing and following mullahs!
    The day when aam awam will be on street protesting each and every attack then only something good will come. Don’t wait for Allah to give them punishment after death..give them punishment now! boycott mullahs..Follow the main tenants of Quran and the loads of common sense in it..For god sake, get rid of madrassas and burn your books which teach hatred..repeal the discriminatory laws!
    Sorry for the harsh words..but its very frustrating to see..though not a Pakistani but a well wisher from India! Oh! I have similar and stronger words for my country men for all the ills we have so I am not venting against just Pakistani!

  9. Saleem B says:

    NFP you have articulated well the condemnation these barbaric acts deserve. Keep writing.

  10. Aneela Khan says:

    I salute you Nadeem, I Salute Sana, Youth of Pakistan please stand up…please make us proud. Please open your eyes, please protest against such atrocities. We are with you on this..the Pakistanis who have not even lived there are in weeping to see our country fall to pieces.
    Look into you own backyard first…Pakistan Don’t be a policeman and guardian of Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion, it doesn’t tell us to kill religious minorities. Don’t take the shoulder of Islam to practice hate and religious bigotry! For heaven’s sake…educate the ignorant…come out together…march in peace…invite youth to such blogs and educate them. Be civilized its the best a Muslim can be!
    Aneela Khan- Canada

  11. Bala says:

    various places of worship!! Aren’t they Mosques, Paracha sahib?

  12. Salma Ahmad says:

    I agree with you. Our media has become commercial and lacks morality. It’s not only about showing commercials between critical news reports but also the lack of decency with regards to reporting objectively about incidents. The carnage in Lahore was not another episode of state terrorism as reported by some channels in their talk shows and some guest scholars on their shows. It was in fact, a result of hate mongering that many Pakistani religious parties propagate. Anti-Ahmadi sections have openly propagated their venom against Ahmadis and distributed pamphlets and posted banners in different areas. What a facade! Unfortunately, your blog can only be read by a certain educated section of our society and not the masses, who are less educated and are heavily influenced by Mullahs. Another irony is that no main stream religious party leader condemned Ahmadi carnage and were very quick in condemning Israel’s attack on freedom flotilla. I request you to take this issue up and urge the government to repeal the anti-ahmadi laws. Also you should shed some light on the double standards of electronic media, in not giving air time to Ahmadi spokespersons and the press conferences given by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and inviting Ulemas who themselves propagate hate for Ahmadis! These press conferences have been uploaded on you tube but no TV channel had the decency to cut back on its commercials for some time and show these press conferences so that the masses know what the government and religious parties have been doing for so long to persecute Ahmadis.

    • m ahmad says:

      Thank you for writing such a genuine article and also the message left by Salma Ahmad…absolutely right.

  13. Sara says:

    This is really sad. As a “minority”, Ahmedis should be given full protection, 93 were killed.

    • arsalan naqvi says:

      No one needs to be given more protection than the other. For Pakistan to give Ahmedi’s more protection than others would be unfair. Over the past few months, terrorists have targeted places of worship of other school of thoughts as well. The fact is that you cant provide security to every single mosque in Pakistan. Providing security is unsustainable and will result in dead weight loss to society.

      What you need to do is address these horrific acts of utter disregard for human life, and let it be known that they are wrong and that they will not be tolerated. Also educate your masses so they start seeing everyone as a human being rather than seeing religion, ethnicity, class, color etc. In this long run, this is sustainable.

      • Naeem Khan says:

        arsalan navi sahib, when you see hate banners, hate pamphlets. issued by religious rights and do nothing for a year and when u allow hate conferences under the guise of religion and do not arrest these hate mongers then such a nation is going towards disaster!!

        Are there any hate laws in our country? In a western civilized and democatic state all these people whose addresses are well know who conducted these conferences, distributed hate literature and placed banners even in the High court would be behind bars for several years. In Pakistan it seems to be ok?

        You are right , you cannot provide security to each and every Pakistani but you can provide the same law to each and every Pakistani. Such is not the case right now.

  14. yawar says:

    zabardast, paracha. my heart goes out for our ahmadi brothers and sisters. in a passionate little piece you have put your finger on the damaged pulse and nerve of this unfortunate country.
    god bless.

    • HM says:

      The picture shown in the blog pretty much gives the real picture of Pakistan. What are your running away from Mr. Yawar?

      • HM says:

        sorry the reply was for Mr. Iqbal Kureshi’s post. Extremely sorry. Dont know how i got confused.

  15. Surayah says:

    Powerful. Maybe NFP’s finest. That’s saying a lot since almost of his articles are upfront, informative and forceful.

  16. Iqbal Kureshi says:

    Nice article?! It is the same old story, all over again. What’s new? Keep blaming the Pakistani nation and give the world a joy ride. A handful of funded terrorists are out on a killing spree. Blame the nation!And then we write articles to invite comments, from the world over. A nice picture of Pakistan we paint for them. Where is our patriotism? That is what is missing my dear country men. Be patriotic and love your country. Why are you ashamed of being a Pakistani? You should be proud of your country and defend it, not malign it. Atrocities are committed the world over, but their citizens are still proud of their countries. What has gone wrong with us. Every terrorist act is abhorred by us as a nation, whosoever the victims may be. By criticizing our own country we are putting words in the mouths of the world at large. Love your country, not denounce it. Pakistan Zindabad

    • Foreign Guest says:

      Patriotism lies in defending the culprits by not criticizing them. This way you will pose a patriotic and sane pictures of inhabitants of Pak-istan.

    • Introspection Required says:

      Self-criticism is a sign of confidence and maturity as a nation. How do you think Germany built itself back to being at the forefront of all the Euro nations after two World Wars. There too, it was not the common man who was extreme.

    • Usman says:

      They are not handful of people, if they were few people we could catch them easily, they are living in your neighbourhood, they are working with you and you just not know that. No one is ashamed of being a Pakistani, but what i am ashamed for is that you are not looking at the real picture. We blame the west that they are racist when any Pakistani goes and lives there, yet you are not even giving ahmadies the same right they deserve although they are of same race, color and i will say religion. Can you tell me who were ahmadies before 1974? Were they not Muslims? were they not called Muslims? how can a government and the ulemas call someone non Muslim yet they are killing thousands of people around Pakistan. I am not ashamed that I am Pakistani, I am ashmed of the people living in Pakistan and how they are representing Pakistan.. and you should wake up and thinking about it before its too late, if its not already too late.

  17. TD says:

    How ironic…..all this coming from a man who sits and works all day long at an advertising agency in Karachi helping create campaigns for “senseless juice, milk and telecoms” so that the various TV channels can then “squeeze them between images of blood, gore and tragedy.”

    • AN says:

      TD, Please be a bit more educated than that. What NFP does for a living is irrelevant. Or are you saying a glass of Tang, or tea with Olpers or a chat on Zong/mobilink/Telenor are as lethal as fanatical psychopaths? If that is the case then surely NFP would be a hypocrite.

    • yawar says:

      Err … he’s not at an agency anymore. Kindly do your homework while presenting your critique. You’ll look like a fool if you get to know where Paracha works.

      • TD says:

        Well atleast he used to for a many many number of years, I used to work there in his department Mr. Yawar so I have done my homework. Also he used to be writing these columns all along his tenure there.

        • kaka says:

          TD, in all of this powerful article against extremist thought, this is the only point you could comprehend?

          NFP is right. There are even reactionaries in the so-called liberal ad world, and you seem to be one of them. Come out of your bubble already.

      • Kaka says:

        Mr TD has already made a fool of himself. Firstly he totally misread NFP’s intentions. NFP has no problem with commercials and jingles. He only suggests that these should not run during coverage of terrorist attacks and the companies should not sponsor hate mongers. So what’s wrong in that?

        Secondly, it seems Mr TD himself is an advertising man because the ads bit is all he could gather from this monumental piece. Shame.

  18. Faruque Malik says:

    Can we all commentators above, including Nadeem Piracha join in, pool our resources, and start a TV channel which could tell the truth ?

    Are we all courageous enough to endure all that will come up ?

    I am afraid that only an echo of our voices shall resonate soon; “I did not speak against falsehood” .
    I think that NO ONE of us is willing to give up one’s comfort zone, NO ONE is even willing to sacrifice a goat in the struggle that shall be long drawn and tiring and bloody.

    • Aisha says:

      I believe all news and info channels are created on the basis on showing the TRUTH. but as soon as they get their first pay cheque of a million bucks or so, they turn towards showing EVERYTHING, even if it’s wrong.

      Think again! this won’t change anything in our country. Even a 4 yr old knows what’s going on in our country. So, just sit back and watch the show.

  19. KARTHIK says:

    My heart is burdened seeing the photo of a woman crying in this blog. I feel her pain. Please God, help her.

    • GKrishnan says:

      The photo of the woman crying is from the last major fallout in Lahore, in the Moon Market area, a couple of months back. The pain is repeated now, in the houses of Prayer, and God knows, may be repeated in future too, in a masjid, mandir or girja, or just a plain crowded market of innocents. ” Where the Mothers of sons never cease their weeping ” was a song sung about Jerusalem at one time. Now it’s for the Mothers in the subcontinent to weep for their sons.

  20. Junaid Hashmi says:

    Mr. Paracha, hats off to you for writing again and again and again but do you seriously think Pakistan can ever turn into Jinnah’s “Pakistan”. My opinion: No. Lest we see a revolution and bloodshed like Pakistan has never seen before…sadly…

  21. krishna says:

    One more masterpiece from Paracha, Although targeting of minorities happens all over the world,even in India. But they are extremely local or temporal.

    • Fareed says:

      Krishna the attack on the Golden Temple during the 70′s. 1992 Bombay riots, the 2002 Gujarat riots, the massive violation of Human Rights in Kashmir and the treatment of untouchables can hardly be described as events which are “local and temporal”. I am not by any means trying to start a “Pakistan vs. India” debate nor am trying to justify the acts of violence committed in Pakistan, all I am saying is that both Pakistan and India have a long…long way to go.

      • ramu says:

        Dear Fareed Saheb,
        India is far from an ideal place for minorities. But it is doing reasonably well in treating its minorities by adopting public policies and laws that are aimed at ameliorating their disadvantages. More than that, the common Indian’s tolerance of differences and accommodating migrants whether they are Parsi Zoroastrians or Tibetan Buddhists is a continuing story that is unique in human history. While you can enumerate any number of individual examples of localized hatred and violence, you can not deny that the Muslim’s percentage in independent India has increased from their original 12% while, next door in Pakistan, the Hindus were decimated to less than 1% from 23% in 1947. Is there a way for you to contradict these facts ? Pakistan needs to do numerous things from constitutional provisions, laws and public policy even to make a beginning to reassure their tiny minorities of Christians and Ahmedis. If you want to derive comparative consolation, please compare Pakistan with Saudi Arabia or Iran to feel a bit relieved.

  22. Sohail says:

    I am ashamed as a Muslim and as a Pakistani. No words are enough to express sorrow and grief. No apologies are enough for the victims’ families and community.

    Dear Ahmedi brothers n sisters!!! We common Pakistani Muslims are also victims of these so-called Muslim terrorists. We cannot save even ourselves how could we save you people.

    Only the divine forces can save all of us.

    • Wounded and hurt says:

      You can Sir. Every one of us can.Please raise your voice against the Laws and amendments in our constitution which have institutionalized this apartheid against innocent minorities of this country.If we all do a little we can do a lot. As Gandhi said “Be the change that you want to see”..If you want to see the change don’t care about others just do your part and the rest will be taken care automatically.

      Let there be no more blood, tears, wound and sufferings. Lets start the change right here right now…

  23. notrevealed says:

    In your pictue a middle aged is crying as she feels that future for her is dim It is heart touching.
    Probably she lost the bread winner. so should be the case with several families. The govt compensation of Rupees a lakh or two may not last long. In addition to govt help several others would also voluntarily agree to contribute. Let some one pen an escrow bank account for this purpose wherein any one can put in some money, and after some time the money should be distributed to the victims or their family in addition to govt help. This will work. Several foreign living people from overseas will liberally contribute. The proposed scheme is in addition to govt help. Please open a bank account with a foreign bank which has branches in Pakistan, and in important European, and middle eastern countries, and Canada, and USA. and announce it in the DAWN. It is a good service.

  24. Tamil says:

    Iam an Indian and Hindu.But my Country Men present here are not in better position to speak about this issue.

    • Neighbour says:

      i dont agree with you. everyone has an opinion and almost all of the comments are positive and constructive. dont use general statements.

  25. ahmed quereshi says:

    I say divide Pakistan into two countries — one with sensible crowd who understand the real meaning of Islam (minorities are welcome there) and other who terrorize in the name of Islam. They are giving our religion bad name by killing innocent citizens.

  26. Irshad says:

    I am ashamed of being citizen of a country where more than 90 innocent people lost their lives just for nothing. We are helpless and can’t stop this kiling but at least as a nation we should mourn.

  27. PEACE LOVER says:

    Hello everyone I am from India and I want to put my views on this kind of extremisim and barabarisim which is leading to destruction of not only Pakistan but also India. First we need to know why hardliners of both the communities hate each other. I think Religion shud be personal and not professional. If u respect a faith and believe in almighty, one should never ever think of hurting someone and profess peace by citing examples from Holy books irrespective of their religion. One should also not compare each other’s religion which might instigate communalism. I am myself Hindu but I have lot of freinds who are Muslims and trust me they have become my best of friends and they are so humble people which proves ISLAM always teaches Non-Violence and Love amongst each others.
    Lets stand up together and love people irrespective of their faiths

    • Respect Humanity says:

      True Indeed. All the religions of the world emphasize on giving respect to everyone irrespective of any beliefs and values. Very rightly said Islam does not at all support extremism and believe in valuing everyone’s individuality.

  28. clutch says:

    Bla, Bla bla… No body cares about negative self-defeating reports anymore.

    “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

    What we need is introspection & reflection so our society can reach a reconciliation.

    Everybody’s a critic in Pakistan… its becoming a worn-out drumbeat… no body is tuning in anymore.

    grow up…

    • sobia says:

      Well the content of most of the comments reflects well what most of the people really care about. What should we reconcile with….brutal killings of innocent civilians in the name of religion. And here in this case its not the personal introspection we need, rather its the attitude of law enforcement agencies which needs to be changed.

  29. ahmed says:


    Most of you are educated folk from English+Urdu+a regional-language
    background. The ELITE have correct ideas;they are liberal.

    The big challenge is to convince the hardliners and the bigoted ones to
    be flexible,to be tolerant,to be humane.

    How do we “BELL THE CAT” ?

  30. guru singh says:

    When i was a young boy i used to feel bad about the partition of India, as i was not allowed to cross the border and see those wonderful cities that become parts Pakistan. Now after many years i feel very lucky and fortunate that i am an Indian and live in a peaceful country and pursue any profession and have any faith without fear. After reading about Muslim countries and observing their day to day events, i feel hate is the most significant part of the psyche of majority of their population. As hate is a negative emotion, it brings downfall of the society rather than the progress. This is the reason why all the Muslim countries are not progressing in the social educational and economic fields.

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