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Walk the walk


Two months ago I saw a post on a photo management and sharing application website Flickr’s group: Photo Club of Karachi (PCK). The post stated that there was going to be a ‘photo-walk’ on the July 24, 2010, which got me curious immediately as I started browsing, looking for what this walk was all about.

The world wide Scot Kelby walk started three years ago and takes place almost everywhere in the world at the same day where a group of enthusiastic photo lovers meet up at some point and start shooting (read clicking) the area out.

A discussion on the group followed the post and within a week more than 50 people had registered for the walk, along with many others waiting to register as well. The excitement was obvious on the discussion board, which I began checking quite often. Finally on July 24, the day for the walk arrived and despite the online enthusiasm, something told me that perhaps not more than 10 people will even show up. Thankfully I was proved wrong as soon as I stepped out of the car and took a look around the venue, the main road of Bagh-e-Ibn Qasim. I saw an army of photographers with their gadgets around their backs and necks swarming on the road and inside the park.

And that’s when the excitement of being a part of such a thing really kicked in. I met with numerous different people and heard about their experiences and their passion for photography. The walk started from Shah Ghazi’s Mazaar and ended at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park.

One of the participants of the walk who belongs to Multan and is now working in Karachi said that as much as he loved the idea of the photo-walk, what he enjoyed most was meeting up with new passionate people as it was a pleasure to see the spirits of Karachites. I couldn’t agree more.

One of the photographers who had been coming to the walk since the past three years said, “It’s amazing to see the response – it gets bigger every year for the walk.”

Later I found out that this walk also takes place in Lahore and Islamabad and the initiative was not exclusive to Karachi alone. It was great to know that photo enthusiasts in different parts of the country have a common platform to unite for.

Photo by: Yousuf Khan and text by: Eefa Khalid.

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19 Responses to “Walk the walk”

  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    Yayyyy! :D

  2. Jules says:

    Wonderful article and great to see !

  3. Ailia says:

    I really loved the idea.Though I’m not passionate for photography but I really appreciate this event as it brought karachites on a single platform…Way to go!!

  4. Francesco Sinibaldi says:

    Upon your overcoat.

    There, on
    that tissue
    full of desires
    and beautiful
    thoughts, a
    little voyage
    while everything
    shines recalling
    the youth….

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  5. ravi says:

    Man.. It just looks like Indian students on a college trip…. Nice to see this photo..

  6. FurSid says:

    for all those who would like to join the next walk and other photography meet-ups, shoot-outs should join Photo Club of Karachi (PCK) on Flickr: and facebook fan page:

  7. shoaib says:

    I wanted to come, but unfortunately i was not informed or i didn’t visit PCK during these days. Kindly keep me informed whenever in future you planning such events again.

  8. AMoeedMudassir says:

    Had the Walk been announced more publicly, you might have received a much a higher response i.e. 44+1

  9. Xaidi Iqbal says:

    I would appreciate if you add me too in next walk. Great initiative!

  10. Naz says:

    Great initiative!

  11. Naqi says:

    kindly include me in the next walk. i operate Minolta dimag 7 28 to 200 mm digital camera with add on accessory vivitar fish eye with macro.

  12. Hamzah says:

    Such initiatives have been of utmost importance in trying to bring the society together with a common motive. With the plight of this country in a pitiful situation, such initiatives enhance creativity and propell individuals to think beyond the basic necessities of life. Photography helps in capturing the essence of elements in life, far better than just having a peep.

  13. Asma says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

  14. Loved the spirit. way to go..

  15. Arun Zaheeruddin says:

    All is good and well but these photographers should walk another extra mile. They should all (in the spirit and passion for community) release their snaps and photographs on the internet with a license to share without exclusive rights. This would greatly benefit other communities like those Pakistanis stranded on the Wikisphere (read Wikipedia).

    Wikipedia only allows for photographs to be published on their website if they are not bound by copyrights. In other words, all photographs accepted on the free web are either CC-BY (Attribution) based or CC-BY-SA (Attribution and Share-Alike) licensed under the Creative Commons.

    • FurSid says:

      @Arun You’ve certainly pointed out an important factor. I personally feel the missing part, that is, indeed, the positive, better image of Pakistan/Karachi for that matter. We shall definitely take note of this and not let go of any such opportunities to represent our city/country in this manner. And could you please share if there’s a way photographers can submit the entries for Wikipedia? That would be a great help. Thanks.

      • Arun Zaheeruddin says:

        Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You do not have to post your images to Wikipedia or any such website at all. What all these photographers need to do is to post their images/photographs on Flickr and then use the Permissions drop-down to include a license to the photograph.

        The license in general needs to be “Attribution Creative Commons” or “Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons”. No other license would do. Otherwise, one can also state in the description of the image the following clause:

        “I, the creator of this image, hereby allow any users to freely use this image on Wikipedia and other such websites with my express wish granted. Attribution is necessary, however.”

        Any user that would then use these images, would have to explicitly give credit to the original author. Plus, authors need to make sure that the images are not watermarked and that they are their own creations. Thanks.

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