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Is Veena Malik a threat to Islam?

Is Veena Malik a threat to Islam?

How is it that religious leaders are ready to hurl accusations and profanities at celebrities on camera but are fearful of shunning terrorists or corrupt leaders in the same way? Perhaps because celebrities neither possess weapons and nor a public office, hence they remain easy targets.

This question has been asked several times on numerous public forums and television shows but time and time again we see actors, models and singers bearing the brunt of Muftis in a fix.

On Sunday night, the Indian reality show Bigg Boss was under discussion on a local television show where Mufti Abdul Qawi was forgetting his manners arguing with former Bigg Boss contender and television personality, Ali Saleem. The talk show host stirred the discussion in the direction of Veena Malik, who is still a contender on the Indian show. Apparently, Mufti sahib was very angry because Veena seems to be disrespecting Islam by behaving so irresponsibly in India on public television. What I don’t seem to understand is that how did this woman who got famous mimicking politicians and dancing between trees in Lollywood movies, become a representative of Islam?

She certainly did not enter the show as a Muslim contender. She was chosen for the show as a Pakistani celebrity (if you may) who became popular recently for playing an active role in making the cricket scandal further scandalous. I suppose it is okay for Veena to show her body in scanty silky saris and dance provocatively on local screens but the minute she starts showing that ‘immoral’ behviour in India, oh no, Islam is in danger!!

Ali Saleem, famous for his television persona Begum Nawazish Ali, mentioned the Hajj Scam, the corruption of our leaders, the silence of police on the face of torture and the unjustified killings which have become commonplace in our country but somehow all of that does not hold any weight to Veena getting comfy with an Indian (read: Hindu). Hats off to him for keeping his cool while the Mufti sahab accused him of “bay ghairthi, bay sharmi and bay hayai”. What a “mujrim” he is in this day and age, dressing up as a woman on screen.

So basically, Islam is under threat because of people like Veena who have joined the ranks of culprits such as suicide bombers who kill dozens by the day in the name of religion. But wait – while being put on the spot upon the insistence of Ali Saleem, the Mufti did condemn suicide bombers – so I suppose the religious leaders have done their duty.

I don’t think I’m giving enough credit to the show’s host here. By inviting a conservative Mufti and a controversially liberal celebrity to debate, the host already knew what the outcome would be: a mockery of both the guests. How would the show get its ratings and popularity without an angry religious scholar and a controversial celebrity attacking each other on screen?

Farzana Bari, a human rights activist, who was also invited to the debate, pointed out that neither has she nor Mufti Abdul Qawi seen the programme, and nor could they see the scandalous clips playing on the screen at the time of the debate. And the clips that were playing on screen were carefully chosen to show Veena at her best, or worst – but then again, nothing sensationalises better than the same clips shown over and over again.

But all of that didn’t seem to be important. What was important was that a Pakistani actress was causing the nation to hang its head in shame! As if being in the limelight for terrorism, honour killings, fake degrees, corrupt leaders and Baitullah Mehsud wasn’t enough, now we have Veena Malik who also wants to destroy the identity of Pakistan. The charged-up youth and ever-ready-to-protest religious parties must get their placards ready now – this is after all a matter of national and religious identity and Veena’s agenda must be destroyed!

Shyema Sajjad is the Deputy Editor at

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301 Responses to “Is Veena Malik a threat to Islam?”

  1. Someone says:

    It is so ironic to see Indians defending Veena & Pakistanis bashing her.. LOL

  2. keenjhar says:

    people what ever they are doing in this world its their personal matter, but sorry to say that being a muslim veena malik to that, anyways i don’t think so that she is threat of ISLAM b/c nowadays nobody is 100% good or perfect muslim…………….

  3. A.Bajwa says:

    Islam is an ideology. How an individual’s behavior can threaten it. Let us not be hysteric.

  4. mitya sinha says:

    First, a Very Happy New Year to one and all!

    An interesting and a bold op-ed in a Pakistani newspaper followed by an even more interesting discussion here. It is refreshing for us in the West to get a glimpse into how the English speaking Pakistani intelligentsia perceive their country.

    Over the past few decades, our impression of Pakistan has deteriorated to a point where we generally view it as a semi-failed state that is being torn apart by religious trouble-makers (both civilian and military). While this Mufti guy re-enforces that view — it is wonderful to hear voices (albeit muted) that seem to challenge those who would like to define Pakistan in simple sectarian terms. There is hope for Pakistan.

    I agree with the writer’s implication that if these religious bigots and ‘moral’ policemen are really concerned about the image of Pakistan (and Islam) in the big wide world, they should start by condemning what is being done to their country in the name of religion. The latest example being the hullabaloo vis. the attempted repeal of the so called blasphemy law.

    My heart goes out to those aspiring Pakistanis who, if not incited by religious demagogues, would want nothing but peace and prosperity for themselves, their families, and their country.

    I would like to believe that Mohammad Ali Jinnah would have wanted nothing less for the country he helped create.

  5. Mariam Hasan says:

    Lets consider that even if she was not representing Islam atleast she was representing Pakistan. The other indian girls wear the same scanty clothes but somehow theres a load of difference between the way our veena malik is acting. All the musicians that have moved to India have represented Pakistan in a positive manner even Ali Saleem was all right. As far as you are talking about the films these girls work in Pakistan nobody bothers to comment on them because nobody watches them!!! Come on this show must have been telecasted in more than just one country. The least she could have done was behave. However there is no point in creating a havoc about it since there are way too many issues standing before us. Don’t you think that the least we can do in this moment of crisis is that to try and enhance the image of Pakistan and this include the Veena Malik since she got the chance to do just that and it was just a complete waste =(

  6. Momna Gull says:

    why we are discussing her to be a representative of Islam or Pakistan. what our tv channels represent are they represent Islam, Or Pakistan.

    even in eid our channels show neighbor’s films and less clothed girl dancing on stage. after a single show are we able to challenge her.


    every one in his concern making money.

    this is not the debate for the sake of Islam Or Pakistan.

    don’t know how many people making money by abusing her

    who cares if there is a TV host or an article writer.

    after all we all have freedom to speak.

    • Azad says:

      Oh Come on!!! This is just entertainment. Maulvi saheb has a right to speak and Veena has the right to do whatever she is doing. Where does religion enter? Just keep religion off e v e r y issue. Maulvi saheb earns his living by preaching and Veena, by putting on an act. None is more noble than the other.!!!

      • Momna Gull says:

        yes this is an entertainment and as I said earlier that we should not discuss her good or bad deeds just take it as entertainment or use your remote

        because after sometime no one even remember

        just stay her away from Islam Or Pakistan discussion.

      • sachin says:

        Well said..Azad..
        I have been watching this show..ever since its been started..
        U were on target when u said about Vina’s acts were not related to religion..Its just a show..they are being paid for that so I dont know why all this fuss..about???

  7. Faraz says:

    A musalman always thinks at least before acting in public, good or bad.

  8. Harsh Wardhan says:

    This is a great debate.

    Yea why not Veena Malik is a real threat to Islam.

    Fantastic itellectual piece of work.

    Keep it up.

    Debates like this are very enlightening.

    Vow !

    Harsha Bardhan
    Miami USA

  9. Khurram Shamsi says:

    I agree with the writer in the 7th paragraph. There is no point in discussing Veena’s actions in India with a Mufti. Her whole life is objectionable in the yes of the Mufti. This was just getting cheap popularity for the show. No point in discussing something with Ali Salim and Mufti Sb both at the same time. Veena is doing whatever she wants to do and Ali Saleem is doing whatever he wants to do. If Pakistani public does not want to see them or like to see what they are doing they will automatically lose their celebrity status. So let’s the public decide. No point in dragging a religeous scholar in the issues of Showbiz. It would have been more intelligent to discuss this among showboz celebs. Even then the concept of Veena representing Pakistan or Islam is too stupid. She was not sent their by Pakistani Govt. She went on her own and was not on the payroll of PAk Govt like our cricketers are so we are no one to denounce her for her actions.

  10. Imthiaz says:

    Veena is just another 21st century human-being, thus she has a right to do whatever she wants as a celebrity on a non-adulatory TV show. You live however you want, but do not have the right to put rules on an individual’s freedom and thought process. Ppl should get educated and come out from the medieval ages thinking, world has proceeded too far from where it begins, one should acquire the knowledge to determine what is right and wrong using their brain not from the old rules and regulation built for that age. Some survey shows that 60% of the countries people are living like they are in medieval age’s, this can be solved only by getting education, i want to see ppl getting educated like my other educated muslim brothers and keep moving forward.

    Imthiaz Khan

  11. Milan Bhise from Mumbai says:

    How one person can affect Islam. Veena Malik is free to do what she wants to do in India or in Pakistan. Mr.Mufti can not control how one should behave or conduct himself, and his views can not be imposed on others. How one person or his/her acts in entertainment industry can effect Islam. Opinions of some one like Mr.Mufti can not be taken seriously. Milan Bhise

  12. Hashim Khan says:

    I dont think so that shes a threat to Islam.She was not representing Islam and Pakistan in that programm.She ia an artist and was representing herself there.It is her personal life and matter.

  13. umer nyaz says:

    Well reading all this and watching her on y0u tube massaging some Indian Hindu, wearing just boxers and tops and stuff like that, I came to couple of points I would like to clarify.

    1 She doesn’t represent Islam Nor Pakistan.
    2 What she is doing, she has been highly paid for that.

    Now first of all she accused M. Asif (Our Cricketer) on Indian TV without any piece of proof she should be held accountable for that.

    Then broke all the moral boundaries on a public TV , I don’t know about what Mufti Sahib said, but we as Pakistanis should condemn both Ali Saleem and Veena Malik. They should be held accountable for breaching the boundaries.

    We all know what they did is so embarrassing and we should not compare them with terrorists.

  14. num says:

    she shuold not come back to pakistan …
    she is the cheapest women of the period estimated in the history of pakistan
    pakistan is a muslim country and no matta its 21st century or modern world .. we still dnt allow the womens to get so wild ,,, shes just destroyng the name of pakistannn,,, her entry should be banned in pakistan in my opinion

  15. Goliath says:

    Hey nobody has rights to be moral police and be so judgemative on somebody elses act? People please look within yourself before advicing others. How perfect you’re? That’s her own life and she has right to live the way she wants to. However Veena Malik is, she is lot succeful in her profession. She is celebrity-why? because majority of people accepted her. And it seem People of India gracefuly accepted her as well as she lasted lot longer in the house then many of the other Indian celebrities.

  16. Haseeb says:

    I really feel sorry for the people who find a perfect Pakistani and Muslim in Veena Malik….

  17. Aj says:

    Veena malik is just another modern day woman. We cant be leaving in 21st century and think and talk like people in 18th century. Her behavior might not be acceptable to some but you cant blame her for being what she is…

  18. Raj says:

    She should be allowed to do what she likes to do, not someone else’s likes and dislikes.

  19. I totaly agree with your point of view

  20. iAhmed says:

    If Veena is a threat to Muslim society then we all are too. She is doing it openly and we are doing it behind closed doors. Whats next protest to not to allow her in Pakistan.. well then we all should be out of Pakistan too.. Just open youtube and search for Pakistan and you will know… She will not be allowed in Pakistan she will do it in India.. and far openly. Come on guys give her some space its her life how she wants to live. She is not representing Pakistan or Muslim.. she is representing herself at the end of the day she is a human.

    • Mustafa says:

      I agree with you 100 %

    • haroon says:

      very true,ahmed.

      • David says:

        Disagreed. Imagine the same for your own sister or mother, and then see where your head would be. How easily you have said that entire Pakistan is doing so, and for a fact you have stated youtube as evidence. How many people use Youtube in Pakistan? not even 2%. This is true indeed that cultural values are not being regularly practiced by some, but most still do. And more then that, she is behind the enemy lines. Don’t you get it, the show organizers wanted this to happen, else y did’nt they call someone sensible????

  21. momin says:

    hah! this is a hilarious article! Shyema Sajjad, awesome ending to the article! the agenda must end :P

  22. Mohit says:

    Well, in my openion, all the participents are chosen such that there will be chaos, politics, fights and all sort of nasty activities in the BigBoss house. If they select so called “sensible” people, first they wont come to this house, and if they do, they remain in their senses of morality and attitude. And for this case, no one is gonna see the show…means no money for the channel and all. For example, whenever I see it (and my friends), I like it when Dolly shouts and yells like mad. And thats the purpose of the show. :D :D
    So I think Veena, based on the character described by my Pak friends here, deserves to be in that show. :)


  23. Raghav2k says:

    Why are you guys going crazy over nothing? Veena is a budding actress with ambitions of making to Hindi movies, so what? She hasn’t done anything indecent or criminal just by participating in a TV show. Becuase of her, the show has become well known in Pakistan as well!

    we in India welcome all the Pakistanis, be it artists, singers, cricketers, or any other talent even including the common people..

  24. rao says:

    bigboss is not a drama its a reality show and what veena malik is doing, no body forcing her to do anything there.
    and i have problem with that i mean she can do whatever she wants to do in pvt life , but not in some reality show where she participated as a “pakistani actress ” …wasay i hate talkin abt her shes not worth attention

  25. Ahmad Raza Butt says:

    Veena has done no Harm to country because art has no boundaries or ideologies. No doubt she is a talented artist doing well at a big platform. And i have not a single doubt that our so-called proud nation would, one day, proudly say that Veena is our(Pakistani) star when she would make many successes in Indian cinema.

    • Ad says:

      Art has no boundaries! And when you have no boundaries, you can do what ever you want to get fame. Infact then you have no Shame. Like Hollywood and Bollywood, they even took off their cloths, just in the name of Art.

      • Karnatakan says:

        Art has no boundaries. It is meant to stretch boundaries. If every budding artist, or at least a significant number of them, took off their clothes solely to get fame, then they would not get fame, because it would not be anything worth noting. So we are back to the notion that taking off one’s clothes may lead to fame if their is some art or meaning to it.

        So if Veena Malik takes off her clothes in the context of some movie, it may be ok since there may be some artistic merit. If she does it too often and their is no discernible artistic merit, people will get tired of it and move on. She takes of her clothes and nobody is interested. Huh, now would’nt that be embarrassing?

    • nosheen raza says:

      well said,mr butt. i second ur opinion.

  26. Omar says:

    I am 100% sure every person who has commented is no saint, we must have openly or in hiding committed deeds not acceptable to Allah than what right do we have to comment on some else’ character. Let us judge ourselves and mend our ways and be an example to society. Hopefully this can solve many issues.

  27. Hassan Parvez says:

    Mr. Mufti who claims to be an authority on Islam (my religion) like all the Mullahs in Pakistan, who remain silent on the real issues such as, Karo kari, innocent non-Muslims and Muslims being killed by Islamic terrorists, the unjust hoodod laws and the modern education for women must be opposed by all Pakistanis. It is very difficult for me to read comments from educated people who in the name of Islam want all Pakistanis to live in the dark ages of 14th century.
    Religion is a very personal. The ultimate judge of right and wrong is ALLAH almighty. Mr. Mufti or people who are commenting on the character and religious views of Veena Malik have no right to say that she does not represent Pakistan or Islam.

    • amar india says:

      I like your thoughts. All Mullahs should speak on the terrorism, and other national issues rather than these issues. if mullahs decides they can control this situations..

    • Aslam says:

      In the words of prophet Isa (pbuh) “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” How can we judge her or anyone else for that matter when we ourselves are not perfect.

      • P K Vaidyan says:

        Couldn’t agree more…In the words of Prophet Isa ” How could a blind lead a blind”… Its seems this world is full of hypocrites..who say something else..and do something else.. Besides, it is Allah who protects us all and he don’t need anyones protection.

    • Ahmed Khan says:

      Couldn’t agree more!

  28. zahd Khan says:

    There is no indiviual on ALLah’s earth who could be a threat to Islam. Islam is the religion till the day of hereafter. Allah would protect the originality of the Quran and all generations would find guidance from the Book of Wisdom. Veena Malik and other chracters like her need to get their focus right. They are hypocrites who by their practices prove more to themselves than to anyone else that theyare muslims only by birth. The beauty of Islam is that it gives you the choice to submit your will to to Allah and if you do not then get ready to face the consequences.We could only pray for their guidance and guidance that Allah may instill in our hearts fear of the day of judgement.

    • DK says:

      Khan bhai, why be a judge when He is there to judge us all one day? & why have fear of the day of judgement when you haven’t done anything wrong?

  29. Dr. Bakshi says:

    By talking about and wasting time on them we are giving them exactly what they crave. Forget them and they will disappear. I am an Indian and find this show and ALL it’s participants RIDICULOUS.

  30. Mbz says:

    well if maturity means to forget ur norms and values then i dont think we shud get mature.. but all u *mature* ppl over here no harsh feelings but i dont find ur posts logical.. its not wht WE think abt veena whether she is representing Islam or Pak its wht the whole wide world thinks she is.. they know her as a girl from Pakistan her identity IS Pakistan .. that one line which salman khan often says *aur humari PAKISTAN ki contestant* makes me feel ashamed at wht this girl is doin over there.. and moreover i am utterly disappointed by seeing u guys paying no heed to this issue.. yes she is an adult and shud be free to do anything but while she is on this show she must respect her identity.. she is an ambassador *unfortunately* so shud act like one..

    • Karnatakan says:

      She is not an ambassador or representative of anything. She is a pretty woman who happens to be from Pakistan. She has not said that she represents her religion nor has she claimed to represent Pakistan.
      She is not a disgrace to anything, and as far as I know, not killed, maimed, or otherwise harmed anyone, nor does she seem to hate any group of people. Why, on that basis alone, she would make a very good representative of Pakistan, if that is the set of values Pakistanis believe they have or ought to have.

      • Zimbo_Indian says:

        That is a very sensible way of looking at Veena. I wish there would be more Pakistanis (and Indians) like Veena.

    • Anand says:

      Actually when Salman introduces Veena as *aur humari PAKISTAN ki contestant* , I feel good that Pakistan also has liberal people. I think only Pakistani people must be feeling ashamed of her, whereas the world sees her as a positive sign from Pakistan.

      • Jam says:

        why wouldn’t we be ashamed of her, we don’t want Veena Malik to represent us. She is known here as a “person of suspicious moral character”.

        Let me put it this way; if forced to make a choice would you prefer Aishwarya Rai or Rakhi Sawant to represent India?

        • Nate Gupta says:

          Mr. Jam,

          Once again, people in general don’t think she represents Pakistan. She is in show business who happens to be from Pakistan and good at what she does.

          Why such a big deal?

          About your question – Yes, Aishwarya Rai representing India would be welcome. She has represented our country on International stage before. She won Ms. World and made all of us proud.

          As far as Rakhi Sawant is concerned, if roles were reversed, I don’t think most people in India would care. Working in the show business in Pakistan and making good money!! Hell, I would do it myself :) And if I remember correctly, a dude from Pakistan is doing an Indian movie.

          - Nate

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